11/12/13 Ponderings

So I was sitting in the district office today working on some curricular alignment and common core progressions with a number of my leadership colleagues, when the topic of the date came up.  November 11, 2013.  Written 11/12/13…

It is the second to the last of a series of dates going back to January 2, 2003, that typify this pattern–the last being December 13, 2014, until January 2, 2103 rolls around in a little over 89 years.

It got me thinking about the power of numbers.  I use numbers, in the form of numerology throughout my writing.  Drake was 13 when his uncle Wally was killed on Friday, January 13, 1978.  Linking the thirteens…  The Tower of Dreams, still unpublished, has a convergence that was set to occur on an anagram of the death of Wally (01/13), that is actually just an inversion of the numerical sequence (10/31).

Little did I know when these events happened–the stories are based on true events, which is why I’ve kept the times and dates true to form–that they would forever be linked within my reality.  I would not have looked for the inversion pattern of Halloween and predicted doom to fall on my family on January 13th, just like I would not have done the opposite.  But after it occurred, it is a challenge to look the other way when the pattern starts to emerge.  One could say it was purely coincidental, or casual, but there are also other instances that link them, that I will not share until I have written those stories…

My point is this, we, as humans do look for patterns, connections, and uniqueness too.  Today is such a day, unique, because there are only 12 such days out of the approximate 36,520 days that exist within a century.  There were probably more than a fair share of weddings today, and some kids who will possess a special birthday when they grow up.  But, in looking for the numerical uniqueness in a day such as today, we overlook the obvious–every day we are here should be special and unique.  Every moment of your life should be devoted to becoming better, to evolving into the best person you can become, to rising to the top of your form, and making the world a better place because you exist.

uniqueRegardless of the date, choose to love one another, choose to see the light that exists within humanity, cherish the ones your love, and celebrate the journey you share together…  for in the end, it’s not going to matter how many unique days you’ve seen, but how many days saw your uniqueness…

Be unique, be awesome!

  • RF :-)

    you have such a gift with words, so glad you are following your dreams and writing