So I thought about it after I had written the rambling tribute to my father on what would have been his 76th birthday yesterday, and I realized that I had written extensive blog postings the last two days.  Does that make me a blogger?

What is a blogger?

According to most online dictionaries, it is a person who writes and updates a blog.  I guess I do that, though not consistently.  I kind of already need a social media manager, though I doubt that would be the case if I was just writing full-time, instead of teaching full-time and writing part-time.  Now some of the other definitions of blogger, especially if you looked upon urban dictionary, are dramatically harsher and pessimistic.  I definitely do not feel I fit that model, or definition.  In fact I think whoever the contributors were to that fine depository of modern culture (sarcasm intended) had been hurt by someone who blogged–like an ex-wife or husband who was extremely bent out of shape by what they perceived to be appropriate interactions.  The definitions there were crass, and even though I know that’s primarily the modus operandi of urban dictionary it kind of derailed what I was thinking of writing, and made me a bit defensive.

I know, that’s not something I should do, if I was above it all, but here’s the thing…  I have a Code of Honor that I have abided by since my teen years when I took a vow–now that is a tale for another time.  The Code includes the following tenet: Protect the weak and defenseless.  How could I just turn a blind eye to such derogatory comments about people who strive to write, one of the most noble of all professions since the creation of language, for if there were no writers, the world would be a very sad, dark place filled with despots and suffering without compare.  There would be no Tolkien, no Shakespeare, no archaic historical texts, no Bible, no Rosetta Stone, mayhaps no history at all…  Humanity would not have evolved much farther from its primate cousins, rabbits, Douglas-firs, or jellyfish, all organisms that have no writers among their species.

So here’s what I have to say about this…

I am a writer, an author, and I chose to use my social media presence to share part of who I am, my process, my writing, my journey, and my destination with any and all who want to learn about it from me.   And if you don’t like it, don’t read it.   But, if you do, I hope that perhaps in the end, if you pay attention to my message you will have the chance at being better.  Because most of my writing is built upon the foundation of love.  Love of your family, love of your friends, love of your people, love of your country, and love of your world.  Should you get that, then you can not help but see that this war against ignorance, apathy, injustice, and intolerance is perhaps the closest thing our species has seen to a just holy crusade, well perhaps ever.

Sorry for my rant, I was originally just going to say, its been three days in a row of writing a rambling blog post… I guess I must be a blogger.  But instead it became, I am a writer, and author, a blogger, and by my birthright I will stand against anyone who would insist that is not a worthwhile endeavor.

Or maybe I’m just a little bit tired…

  • RF :-)

    you were born to write……..and I am so glad that you are finally taking time to put your words to paper