Brotherhood of Olympus, Books 4-8 Advance Image


Brotherhood of Olympus characters at the wedding of Drake Frasier.

This photograph contains four guys who are going to be involved in the ongoing saga of the Brotherhood of Olympus.   Two are Tuckerized characters, the other two have had their names changed to protect their identities.  The characters are:  Charlie Blue (far left.  wearing brown jacket.)  Charlie is a unique character, in the fact that he begins a dreg in society, and through the interactions with Drake–who stands up for him when he gets his ear pierced, etc. the two form a deep bond of friendship.  Charlie plays a comic foil through much of the story because of his odd perception of reality.  Next is David Lee Halcomb (second from left, blonde guy in gray tuxedo.)  David becomes Drake’s shield man, and travels by his side for many an adventure.  David also has a quirky sense of humor and fancies himself as a ladies man, but always asks Drake for advice on how to approach ladies.  Yes, Drake, the teen who had never been kissed, and was completely socially awkward.  Next is Albert Frasier (third from left, long-haired guy in gray tuxedo.)  Albert will be Drake’s responsibility during his teen years when he moves down to California to live with Drake and go to school there.  Finally the fourth character here is Trevelyan (fourth from left, wearing shades of purple and with a silver pentacle hanging from his neck.)  Trevelyan helps Drake through many struggles.  He is at first the biggest doubter of what Drake claims the Brotherhood is doing, and attempts to use logic to debunk all of those claims.  But he is also a character conundrum, because in his heart he so wants to believe in magic, and has spent much of his life buried in the fantasy he can muster through role-playing games.