Brotherhood of Olympus T-Shirts

So, today I was asked by a young man who has visited my website, if I ever planned on making my “Keep Calm and Join the Brotherhood of Olympus” logo into a T-Shirt, because if I did, he would buy it…  What do you think, if I had this made into a t-shirt would you be interested in it?

Keep Calm

  • mom

    I think it would make an amazing Tshirt and sweatshirt……

  • Mara Nieves

    I saw ghosts as a kid but my most recent and memorable encounter with one was backstage at what is now called the Triad Theater in Yelm, WA. I was sitting backstage in the green room eating a sub from Subway before the start of a show when I noticed a shadow in the hallway on the ceiling. The shadow made no sense and as I examined it closely with my eyes an intense calm feeling overcame me. Then it moved quickly towards the stage door. I sat for awhile trying to explain what had happened comparing the glares of cars driving by to recreate a similar effect but nothing could. I then ran excitedly across the hall into the women’s dressing room to tell my mom I had seen a ghost.