Gateway to Nifleheim (Harbinger of Doom Volume 1) (Book Review)

Gateway to Nifleheim was a tale I was very curious to read because of the mythology behind the story. It was a quick read, with a few grammatical errors (using “rode” in place of “road” for example). I wasn’t quite sure if it was meant to be a parody of … Continue reading

Haven: A Stranger Magic (Book Review)

Haven: A Stranger Magic was a compelling read, but seriously lacked in page count. Just as the story began to take shape it ended. The protagonist Sam, is the stereotypical 13 year-old, 98 lbs. weakling and social outcast, with a mean-girl-esque older sister, Sarah, who might actually be the more … Continue reading

Book Review from a ninth grade girl…

Just got this posted to my author Facebook page…  thought I would share.   She’s a great kid, who said she wasn’t much of a reader before she got the book.

My Escape Into Books Review

Just got word of another review of the Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game, it is posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the reviewers blog–My Escape Into Books.