Book Review from a ninth grade girl…

Just got this posted to my author Facebook page…  thought I would share.   She’s a great kid, who said she wasn’t much of a reader before she got the book.

Getting Some Press Coverage…

The Aberdeen Radio Station KXRO put this up on their website today, and posted a link to their Facebook page… Go like both and see if we can swamp their site…  In a VERY POSITIVE way, of course, to say thank you for their support. KXRO Website KXRO Facebook 

Tower of Dreams Update

On July 5th, I finished Chapter 12.   52,026 words and 234 pages into the Brotherhood of Olympus and the Tower of Dreams. I really liked how some of my Tuckerized characters–Downtown Danny Helms and Ryan Healy–came to life in the last couple of chapters. Onward to Chapter 13–Raven and … Continue reading

Thank You

Thank you to the fine staff of Olympic Cards and Comics who hosted my event yesterday. Thank you to the friends who came out to support me, and especially thank you to the people who took the chance to find out about my book and purchased a copy yesterday…  May … Continue reading

Welcome to my site!

My website is now operational, though it is still quite embryonic in its development. More will be coming as the days progress. I have linked my Twitter and Facebook pages to the main page, above. New media–including the book trailers produced by my daughter Taylor Simpson, currently available on YouTube, … Continue reading