End of 2012

So I am sitting here at my computer, looking up at the calendar that hangs to the left of my monitor, when I come to the startling realization that MY calendar ends tonight?  What am I supposed to do?  I should have prepared better, I knew this date was coming when I first hung that calendar there oh so many months ago.  But back then everything was so care free, and thoughts of the end of things seemed so far away.  Now as the grim reality awaits me, I can only think of the things I will treasure from the past 12 months…  The time spent with friends and family, the epic family road trip, the quiet times with loved ones, the flowers in the spring, the color of the leaves in the autumn sun, the publication of my first novel, the layered tastes of excellent cuisine, the quirky times, those who have continued to tolerate my exceptional weirdness, my students–both past and present who continue to inspire me and make me try harder to inspire them, passion, love, and good times.

All things must end, what matters is how we spend the finite time we have here, how we treat each other, what kind of an impact we make on the world around us, and how much love we share with those around us.

As the melancholy begins to spread and a tear forms in my eye, I suddenly remember that my lovely wife did the most amazing thing…  She remembered to purchase a new calendar to replace the old one, hallelujah!  I am spared the fate of the Mayans… 

May your New Year be bright, happy, filled with accomplishments, and saturated with the love of those around you or far away.