Rose City Comicon is a month away, are you ready?

rccc logoFor the third straight year, I will be appearing at the Rose City Comicon, in their Artist Alley.  I will have brand new, pre-release copies of the Brotherhood of Olympus and the Tower of Dreams on hand to autograph and sell to fans.  I will also be wrapping up a promotional ebook campaign through Amazon that ends on September 21st.  Anyone who nominates my book in the Kindle Scout program will win a FREE ebook copy of it when it’s ready for publication through Amazon.  Should my book receive enough nominations, Amazon and I will enter into a publishing contract for the exclusive rights to the Tower of Dreams in ebook and audiobook formats.  Having their marketing clout behind my brand will definitely be an asset.

I will also have LotR style maps of the settings of the first two books for sale–these were a very HOT item at the Emerald City Comic Con in March.  Some illustration prints, and a few older t-shirts for sale…  my merchandise line is still in its infancy, but gaining some traction.

So come on out to Rose City Comicon and be one of the first to get a copy of the Brotherhood of Olympus and the Tower of Dreams.