Site Update

Some of you may have noticed that my website has grown rather  static this year.  I apologize for that, much has been happening behind the scenes, and at this point of my author career, I cannot afford a web master to update my website, nor can I hire any content managers or producers, or even have a minion or two to just add content.

theGridBack at the start of 2015, I stumbled upon the Grid.  It was promoted as the first AI website development and management tool.  I looked at it as a possible godsend, since my website updates were getting so few and far between.  So on January 23, 2015, I became a founding member of the Grid.  The promotional video and support materials talked of a spring 2015 roll out, which meant to me at the time–lets just wait on website content, for the time being–once the Grid is up and running, then I will jump into it and get it all rolling again.

Well it is now nearly fall 2015, and the beta test of the Grid is still going on, they keep adding new beta testers, but I am founding member 18,791, so I still have some time before they include me in the beta I am afraid.

I am still fully committed to the Grid, and look forward to having an AI webmaster sometime soon, but until then, I need to get back to adding some content on here.

So…  there are some new and exciting things that I will be adding over the next few days.

Keep your eye out…