Tower of Dreams Update

A Plot Revealed Chapter Seven December 14, 1979 The Palace of Knowledge, Gehenna   Standing tall on the steep mountainous peaks of the craggy barrens of the Gehenna frontier stood the sheer, blood-red stone walls of the Palace of Knowledge, the fortress that housed the legendary Library of Gehenna, and … Continue reading

More press about my recent book signing

I found this online just now…  Did not know TESC had blogged my event. Thank you Evergreen fro supporting me. Link to Evergreen Blog Here  

Keep Calm…

Thought I would share this image with you all here.  It is inspired by the trend of hundreds of different “Keep Calm” messages readily available online.  Though this one is a bit more specific to the Brotherhood of Olympus.

Tower of Dreams update

The first edit of the first five chapters of the Tower of Dreams has begun.  A special shout out to my friend Becca who was a tremendous asset in making this first edit. While I am busy working on it, I thought I would share this snippet of the first … Continue reading

TESC Alumni Authors Directory

I have just been notified that I have been added to The Evergreen State College’s Alumni Author Project listing/directory. I can be found in the directory listings here: Evergreen Authors Directory or you can look at my individual profile here: Guy T. Simpson, Jr. Alumni Profile (BA 1995, MiT 2005) … Continue reading

Brotherhood of Olympus blog

This is the blog of the Brotherhood of Olympus organization, and their ongoing investigations of the paranormal. Brotherhood of Olympus (BoO) You will find commentary and photographs of their recent investigation of the Winchester House in San Jose, California, and the Viscilla Axe Murder House in Viscilla, Iowa.