Chapter One of the Tower of Dreams

Last Stand of the Brotherhood of Olympus Chapter One January 13, 1469 Mohrungen, Prussia   The snow covered fields north of Mohrungen were muddied, cluttered with the carnage of battle, cloven shields, broken swords, spears, and hundreds of arrows rising up out of the slush making the field a pincushion.  … Continue reading

End of 2012

So I am sitting here at my computer, looking up at the calendar that hangs to the left of my monitor, when I come to the startling realization that MY calendar ends tonight?  What am I supposed to do?  I should have prepared better, I knew this date was coming … Continue reading

Welcome to my site!

My website is now operational, though it is still quite embryonic in its development. More will be coming as the days progress. I have linked my Twitter and Facebook pages to the main page, above. New media–including the book trailers produced by my daughter Taylor Simpson, currently available on YouTube, … Continue reading