Tower of Dreams Update

I have been outside in my outdoor writing studio (You can see an Instagram image of it here), with sketchy internet service for most of August writing the Brotherhood of Olympus and the Tower of Dreams.  I made the decision as the page count was piling up, I was on page 640 of the manuscript and still had like 8 chapters to go, if I cut and crammed it all in.  The book would have been a very hefty tome.  But if I split it at the end of Chapter 30, the Tower of Dreams would be a 400+ page book, and the new third book, that I am already 65+ pages into writing would be 300+ pages and I would include family trees, and a few other appendix worthy materials in it besides the glossary–which I will always include.

The task before me now, is to go back and make a few tweaks that set up the split in a few chapters of the Tower of Dreams, then send the document off to my editor.  I will also start to work on my 31 illustrations (I may re-use the Glossary image).  The 31st illustration would be for the first chapter of the 3rd book “Scrappy the Barbarian” that I would include in the Tower of Dreams as a bonus chapter.

The other challenge is to come up with a title for this new third book…

What should I name the NEW third book in the series?

What should I name the NEW third book in the series?

  • RF :-)

    The Brotherhood of Olympus and The Dream Stone. This just seems to flow from the Tower of Dreams
    and what the brotherhood will encounter along their journey. A dreaming stone can help you focus dreaming
    energy and control dreaming. Dreams can
    also be stored in the stone. Stones have
    been used over the eons for by shamans due to the stones intrinsic energy and
    properties. They have been used for
    healing, dreaming, and storing energy.